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Hands Down, Elegant Themes Offers The Sweetest Deal In The Industry

The complete set of 87 stunning WordPress themes plus  awesome support

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Elegant Themes for WordPress


My recommendation for Elegant Themes come as a  user/developer. I have been using their themes  since they began a few years ago.  I believe Elegant Themes to be the most beautiful, and elegant themes on the market and very much worth you consideration.

First things first, before loading your site up with the latest wonderful WordPress Widgets and plugins you first need to take a good, long, honest look at the theme you’ve chosen. Ask yourself if your theme is the best you can find. Does it have the professional look about it? If the answers no or not sure, you should consider doing something about it by having a look at what Elegant Themes can do for you.

When it comes to high standards with attention to detail – The team at Elegant Themes are the people to deal with

Elegant Themes

Finding Elegant Themes for WordPress felt like I had hit the jackpot! Absolutely stunning themes coupled with great support. With 85 themes (and counting) there is something for everyone. instant and professional premium WordPress elegant themes at a ridiculously affordable price

Your Theme is Your Whole Site’s Persona

Within seconds its make or break, your visitors will bond with your site or just click away forever. With a good professionally designed WordPress theme your visitors will quickly gain trust in you and your site will have its best chance to flourish. Its well worth taking the time to make sure you have the best WordPress theme possible working for you.

Beautiful elegant themes, great support. All the themes are of the best quality and up to date with all WordPress software and run smoothly across all browsers. The support is great, I have had all my questions on modifications solved with in 24hrs. and have learned a great deal in the process. I can highly recommend the products and service.

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Sometimes all it takes is a point in the right direction by someone that has spend many hours searching, finding and USING,  just what it is you need. My favorite WordPress theme resource is without doubt Elegant Themes. They offer the most amazing themes on a membership basis.

Here’s the deal with Elegant Themes in a nutshell

No matter what sort of theme your looking for weather is a blog, shop or business, Elegant Themes will have something for you. For just $69 you get a full years membership giving you access to more than 85 absolutely stunning WordPress themes (and counting) WHICH IS UNDER $O.79¢  A THEME!.  All themes can be fully customized and come with full support. You get to keep all the themes you have used after your yearly subscription ends but its worth keeping up your subscription as you get all your themes continually updated for you to keep up with the ever evolving WordPress platform. And, not forgetting while you are a subscriber you get full use of all the new themes that elegant themes design.

Its like having the best web designers working for you day and night, and all the support you ever need – Elegant themes rock!.

Its worth pointing out that WordPress are always updating their platform and so all website themes also have to be updated, but all that is taken care of by Elgant Themes, no need to worry yourself about it, Elegant Themes are always working hard keeping your themes up to date..
This really is an incredibly generous deal that I would have happily paid a lot more for the membership, no question about it. You get to use all or as many of the templates as you like with more themes being added every month.

As more  Elegant Themes are added it continually drives the price down. At time of writing each elegant theme works out at less than 79¢

Elegant Themes offers two kinds of packages: Personal and Developer. The Personal Subscription is perfect for the average user while the Developers License is aimed at experienced designers who want to customization their themes using the original Photoshop files. If you are a developer who wishes to use and customize themes for your clients, then the Developers License will give you total flexibility. If you are not experienced with Photoshop and web development, then the Personal package is right for you!

NEWS FLASH Elegant Themes have just added a third package  which represents an amazing deal for lifetime membership

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If you would like help customizing your elegant themes, check out my personal  website @  Mark Daynes  Have your Elegant themes up and running in no time.


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